I had a vocal dysphonia which was getting in the way of my enjoyment of life (including my ability to sing).  My otolaryngologist confirmed there was nothing physically wrong and referred me to Natasha, who gave me hope right from the start (as well as a good understanding of what I was doing, and useful exercises to overcome it).  I really enjoyed our sessions – and they worked!  I am very happy to recommend Natasha – she is knowledgeable, patient, and effective. 
Chris H

I am a classical vocalist who discovered that I had vocal nodules.

Although I had a good handle on how to use my voice singing-wise, I didn’t know anything about using it well while speaking! I worked with Natasha on rehabilitating my voice and strengthening it, so that I could tackle my large vocal workload (both singing and speaking) with ease. After only four sessions with her, the anomalies on my vocal cords are mostly gone and I have been given the all clear from the ENT Specialist to start my regular singing life back again!

Everybody I come across comments on how healthy my speaking voice sounds, too.

I could not have made such a speedy and successful recovery if not for my work with Natasha.  She was knowledgeable, encouraging, and very understanding to my particular situation.  The things I have learned from her are invaluable, and things that I will take into my everyday life going forward. I know that everything I took away from my sessions with her will continue to play a huge part in my future singing career and daily life.

Thank you 🙂


I came and saw Natasha with very little voice – and it was really impacting all areas of my daily life. I have 3 young children and run a business, and found my voice issues have meant I had been unable to go to work, or participate in social situations, and has really impacted my emotional wellbeing.

I was referred to Natasha, and felt such a sense of relief after my first session. We set a goal of getting the voice better in 3 months – but it happened much earlier. Natasha gave me exercises to do, and referred me to other specialists who could also assist in the process.

I found Natasha professional and engaging and she understood my concerns and worked with me on resolving my voice issues. I am now 100% fixed – and this voice issue I have had off and on for 10+ years. Needless to say, I am over the moon to have found Natasha!


Esteemed writer Rachel McAlpine writes of our sessions in her blog.

July 16th 2015

July 17th 2015


Thank you so much for your help with my chronic cough, which had been a problem for me for 8 months.  I was referred by my respiratory specialist and was puzzled about how you could possibly help me.

However, you clearly explained the science behind the breathing technique you taught me and I was committed to giving it a try.

I could not have believed the outcome.  After two days of willpower and commitment to the process my coughed stopped, and within three days the desire to cough stopped completely!  It felt somewhat miraculous actually after all those months. The cough has not come back and I now have a tool to use if ever I find myself in this situation again.

Thank you for your professionalism, skill and care.


Hi Natasha I just wanted to let you know that you have made a difference already. Alex started to get the breathing issues and tried your breathing technique. ..it worked! For the first time in ages he didn’t pull out of the race! We are so thrilled and his confidence is improving already. Thanks so very much from us all.

Stroke/Language Therapy

I highly recommend Natasha Curham of Voice, Speech and Language Connections to anyone looking for a speech/language therapist.

I engaged Natasha’s services for my Aunt who had a massive stroke and was finally transferred to hospital level rest home care. My Aunt was 94 when she had the stroke, and it was thought, given her age and the nature of the stroke, she would not benefit from therapy. However, when I noticed Mollie was able to read, I decided to investigate further. The option the rest home provided was to send my Aunt to hospital rehab, which would have meant her living at the hospital for 2-3 weeks. I didn’t think that would be a good option for my Aunt because she felt settled at the home, so I decided to investigate private therapy options. After several phone calls and web searches I was directed to Natasha and engaged her services to assess Mollie and we then agreed on a programme of therapy. That programme was quickly increased to sessions twice a week which also included speech therapist Elita McDonald joining the fold.

Prior to engaging Natasha, I had several conversations with medical staff and was told that the level of comprehension/speech a stroke victim reached six months after the initial stroke would be as far as they would go, in other words I would not see further improvement. I decided to keep an open mind and after noticing Mollie could read, I decided it was worth pursuing.

The results have been fantastic. Mollie can comprehend a lot more and her speech improved with the added benefit of having the stimulation of the exercises twice a week. Natasha even introduced the use of an IPAD to match words to pictures.

The experience has been a very positive one, not just for Mollie but for everyone who interacts with her. I also engaged Natasha’s services to provide some training for staff at the home as well.